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Dental X-rays

The types of X-rays that may be performed during your dental consultation are intraoral and extra oral X-rays.

Intraoral X-rays

Your dentist can view the oral cavity in detail with intraoral X-rays. They help in analysing the general health of the teeth and jawbone, the roots of the teeth and the surrounding bone and status of developing teeth.

Extra oral X-rays

Your dentist uses extra oral X-rays to evaluate the growth and development of your jaws, check for impacted teeth and identify issues between the jaws and temporomandibular joint (joint connecting the jaw to the side of head).

X-ray Review

Dental problems which can be assessed with the help of dental X-rays include:

  • Areas of decay invisible with an oral exam
  • Decay under the dental filling
  • Bone loss due to gum disease
  • Changes in the root canal or bone due to infection
  • Assessment of the dentures, tooth implants and dental procedures
  • Presence of tumours

In children, issues like decay, space in the mouth for new teeth and development of wisdom teeth can be assessed.

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