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Dr. Adrian Courtenay

Dr Adrian Courtenay

Dr Adrian Courtenay Principal Kensington Dental

Certification and Experience

Dec 1981

  • Graduated BDS from Sydney University

January 1982

  • Started working with Kensington Dental with original founders Dr John Reeve BDS Syd who started the practice in 1950 and Dr Bruce Donaldson who joined Dr Reeve in 1953


  • Also worked part time at Maroubra Jet with Dr Philip Zoldan BDS and Dr Noel Boyce BDS both highly skilled practitioners. Dr Zoldan had previously worked at Kensington Dental.


  • Worked under Dr Zoldan who was pioneering the use of composite resins in dentistry, particularly placement of composite veneers.

      This was a period of great change in dentistry which included

      • Development of; Introduction of autoclaves and advanced sterilisation techniques.
      • Development of tooth coloured restorations particularly composites, veneers and crowns
      • Incorporating preventative procedures aiming to improve oral hygiene and periodontal health while also aiming to reduce the level of patient decay.
      • Incorporating procedures previously mainly done by specialists, such as endodontics root canal treatment, complex restorative crowns and bridges, and difficult surgical procedures into our general practice.
      • This involved many hours of continual education, lectures and seminars as well as drawing on the vast experience of the experienced dentists working at both practices.

By the late 80’s

  • The new area of great excitement was the Introduction of implants for the replacement of missing teeth.The manufacturers of the Branemark Osseointegrated Implant System were keen that all dentists using their system had the appropriate training prior using the system on patients.

June 1989

  • Dr Courtenay completed the required training in Tissue Integrated Implants receiving a Diploma using Osseointegrated Technique with Branemark System at Sydney University. Since then Dr Courtenay has worked with various surgeons in the delivery of implant retained crowns, bridges and dentures using a variety of implant systems including Branemark, Endopore, Astratech, 3l, Strauman systems to name a few.

Conferences, Lectures and Courses Attended

Dr Courtenay regularly goes to ADA conferences and lectures. Some of these include:


  • ”Expert Anterior Aesthetics" including Bonded Ceramic Veneers and Creneers with Dr David Roessler DBS
  • Numerous courses and training on the Cerec System to be able to incorporate computer designed and in house made ceramic restorations in Kensington Dental using

May 2005

  • "Expert Anterior Aesthetics" single tooth implant crowns also under the supervision of Dr David Roessler

June 2006

  • The 20-Year Cerec Anniversary Symposium in Coolum Queensland


  • The Rotary Endodontic Seminar and workshop presented by Dr Alan Nerwich . One of the great advances during this period was in the area of endodontics root canal treatment with the introduction of rotary endodontic instrumentation.

Various practical day courses at the ADA Center for Professional Development on aesthetic, cosmetic dentistry, implants and so on


ADA conference attending many seminars including;

  • Osteonecrosis of the jaws ONJ; epidemiology, diagnosis, management and follow up- Dr Mark Schifter
  • Perio Systemic interactions ; are we worrying unduIy?- Prof Greg Seymour AM
  • Building a new tooth; do we have the technology? – Prof Mark Bartold AM Dental Implant Aesthetics; when and why we fail- port Lyndon Cooper
  • Pain Management with Non Injectable Anaesthetics – Dr Pamela Dalgliesh
  • Dentsply instruction in the use of the "Path file" a new rotary Nickel Titanium Rotary Systam” for root canal prepping.

May 2011, October 2011, June 2012

  • Practice management seminars
  • GC Advanced Learning Glass lonomer Cement Overview

June 2012

  • Mini Implant overview with Dr David Roessler

Sep 2012

  • Blurred Clinical Decisions-Root Fracture managementr or implants? Prof Geoffrey Heathersay

Sep 2012

  • Ridge Preservation; Techniques to enhance aesthetic outcomes Dr Adam Rosenburg

Oct 2012

  • Materials and Equipment , What you need to know Before using them on patients AUS, Dr Michael B Miller

March 2013

  • The Dentist as an Artist- Technician Dr Jason Smithson

April 2013

  • Australian Dental Congress
  • Restoratives and adhesives with Dr David Roessler
  • Concepts vs Clinical Realities of High Strength Ceramic Restorations
  • Zirconia for abutments, crowns and fixed dental prosthesis with Prof Christian Stappert
  • Cementing Aesthetic Restorations with Dr David Roessler
  • Predicting root resorption and causes of hypomineralization with Prof Mike Hubbard Preventive Dentistry – non Operative Caries
  • Revolutions in MI caries Management; take it, leave it, or stick to it? with Prof Avijit Banarjee

May 2013

  • MMM Relieving Stress, Stress and The body Petrea King Quest For Life Foundation

June 2013

  • Full day training with Cynergex Group in Management of Medical Emergencies including all staff and practitioners at our surgery

Aug 2013

  • Is the Mandibular Block PassA ? Dr Stanley Malamed

Sep 2013

  • Step by Step Protocols for Predictable Metal-Free Restorations and Veneers

Sep 2013

  • Course Seminar on Dental Implants; Treatment Planning and Execution- Moderate to Advanced Rehabilitation in Edentulous Patients

Oct 2013

  • New Opportunities in the Esthetic Zione AUS

Nov 2013

  • The Annual Bondi Jet Dental Specialists Mimi Lectures in Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery

Nov 2013

  • Anti Bullying and Anti Harassment Training

Dec 2013

  • Digital Impression Systems; State of Art Beyond 2013 Dr Phillip Tan

March 2014

  • Oral Appliance Therapy For Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and Bruxism; A Valuable Service for Dental practice Dr Harry Ball

May 2014

  • Establishing the Aesthetic Prescription, Achieving Reality in Implant and Conventional Prosthodontics Dr David B Dunn

June 2014

  • The Style ltaliano Philosophy in Anterior Composite Restoration Prof Angelo Putignano

Aug 2014

  • Ossteem Meeting Sydney 2014 with Multiple Implant Dentistry lectures and Case studies

October 2014

  • Northshore Specialist Presentation Day including lectures and presentations on Oral Surgery, Paediatric Dentistry, Special Needs Dentistry, Endodontics

Feb 2015

  • Somnomed course to meet the educational requirements to provide SomnoDent therapy for Sleep Disordered Breathing

March 2015

  • The New Era of Composite Art; Simple, Predictable, Efficient