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Orthodontic Treatment (Invisible Braces)

Invisible braces (or clear aligners) are an innovation in dentistry which assist in helping correct your teeth alignment whilst also having the added benefit of improving your teeth’s ability to function more naturally. Invisible braces are a series of customised braces made from transparent, non-irritant plastic, which are worn over your teeth. To construct the braces, your dentist orders X-ray images of your jaw and takes impressions of your teeth. This is used to fabricate a 3D model of your teeth. The aligners are smooth and comfortable and are worn throughout the day except while brushing, flossing and eating. Every two weeks, your dentist changes your braces as you progress into your next stage of treatment.
Invisible braces cause your teeth to gradually shift into correct alignment without the use of brackets or wires. The other advantages of invisible braces over regular braces are that they allow you to eat what you want, brush your teeth more effectively and cause less pain, discomfort, injuries and mouth sores..

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